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Character information

Name: Kronos Lohengrin
Age: 16
True age: 23
Sex: Male
Personality: Antagonistic, he believed that Edia was spineless during the Contact War, where he served in the backfield, as both a guard for supply lines and an assistant in managing them. He loves a good a fight, and sulks when he doesn't at least listen on a plan of action. That said, he knows when he's in over his head, and will make plans for an escape route. He also dislikes uninvited guests, but loves being a wrench in someone else's plans.

A bit of a prankster and delinquent, he loves a good prank war. Not necessarily against superiors, but doesn't mind if his underlings do the same to him. As much of a chaotic neutral as he is, he's not necessarily a bad guy, but there are some things he's certainly more open to than typical military Asentari. He doesn't like doing jobs for slavers, and will do what he can to manipulate circumstances so he could let the slaves go, and he refuses to kill civilians unless they openly attack him with swords and pitchforks, but won't if all they're doing is throwing rotten food, feces, and rocks at him. Yet doesn't mind if his underlings takes advantage of their winnings.

While he'll admit that he has less honor than other Asentari in the military, he'll claim he does have some. Such as honoring his word when he surrenders, as demonstrated when Kiari defeated him, and honoring life debts. If a leader proves to be incompetent, he won't hesitate to leave them completely. Same if they prove to be spineless. Even if he values their strength. He also follows through on his threats, and can be exceptionally cruel, though not very often. His patience is also fairly thin with those that he's been around for a while. If you make a mistake after he's known/trained you for a long time, he'll get furious if you're responsible for your comrade's death and it was avoidable. He does have a certain eye for talent. Even he's a little confused as to how he can tell that someone has potential or not.

Speaking of, strength comes in all forms and sizes, not just physical. Even if you're not the most skilled or the strongest, if you have a strong intellect, and a good sense of tactics and strategy, he'll value you every bit as much as a powerful warrior. Kronos himself has a good sense of tactics and strategy, though not necessarily the best, he's the sort you give resources to, and he'll make the most of them. Just leave him be. He's reliable and tenacious, and isn't one to stay on the sidelines, but will allow give others the chance to prove themselves as well. He has the charisma to move an army and fighting force, and the skills to lead it. While usually calm, he does have a bit of a temper when things stray dramatically from what he saw. Though he does embrace the unknown and diversity of situations. He takes care of those underneath his command, often making sure they're fed and wounds treated before he is.

While he does regret leaving Edia to an extent, he doesn't dwell too much on it. And looks forward to the future while being mindful of the past. He very much fears the Oculi Draconis, though not Rex. He sees the man as a lost opportunity and a rival, and won't stop to have his head. Their relationship is awkward and difficult to explain, though the best term would be frenemy. They respect each other, but also dislike each other. He's no historian, but he's an avid fan of books and intellectual works. Even those he doesn't fully comprehend, he can at least appreciate it. Though he doesn't like artwork. While still cocky and even a little condescending, his defeats has mellowed him out a bit. But not terribly much. He's mostly neutral and generally civilized.

Likes/dislikes: Fighting, a good weapon, a good plan, reading, Rex von Broven (Frenemy), idiots, slavers, goody two-shoes.
Fears: Oculi Draconis, drowning, deep/large bodies of water, flying.


hieght: 5'9"
weight: 139 lbs.

Kronos Lohingrin Akaban10

His amber eyes are glowing and slitted, and his canine teeth a longer than typical Asentari. His tongue is also forked, like a snake's. On the back of his right hand is a little star and what looks like a Chinese dragon trying to eat it. The star is black, and the dragon is red. Otherwise he looks like a lean, very boyish looking human that's in great shape.

clothing: He typically wears a black glove on his right hand, but not on his left. A common tunic and brown or black pants with black boots is often all he has. If he's a part of the unit, he'll wear the uniform, but will often make minor edits to it.

Fighting style

General Fighting Tactics: While familiar with assassin fighting styles, he's more of a frontline fighter, using a shield to block, parry, and create openings, then slash with his curved swords. Though he isn't afraid to use shield bashes, and uses a lot of tricks to catch his opponents by surprise, he almost always has something up his sleeve. He thrives in a fight, but also uses his head, so it's not like he goes in without a plan. He relies on his evasion and shield for his defense, as like Rex, he's fairly fragile.

Combat Stats-

( All stats are considered average unless stated. Stats must be balanced. You must decrease a stat to increase a stat. Raising one to good means you must lower one to fair. Read The Character Combat Stats Guide for more information)

Strength || Good
Speed ||  Good
Agility ||  Good
Durability || Poor
Stamina || Average
Magical power || Fair

Strengths: Ability to Learn: He doesn't make the same mistake twice often. He learns and grows from them.

Curved sword skills: Katanas and cutlasses are his favored offensive weapons. And is quite good with them.

Shield skills: He's always had a shield. If it can carry some tricks or have enchantments, he's even happier, and often keeps the shield part the most unpredictable.

Weaknesses: Troublemaker: He stirs up a hornet's nest just about everywhere he goes, almost making undue hardship for himself. Even more so out of Edia.

Nodachi skills: A longsword that's curved, it's a new weapon for him, and is still learning how to use it. Only good news is that it often stays the size of a normal katana.

Arrogance: Sometimes he lets his arrogance get to him. "If I was in charge..." is often the case with stressful circumstances. Overconfidence in his stratagem, unless discussed at length and is reasoned through well, he's unwilling to listen to others.


Primary Equipment
Name: Cardinal Shield
Type: Small shield
Description: Smaller than his former Dragon's Den, it's an enchanted small shield with a green jewel in the center. Flat on top, it goes down and curves into a point. The way it is "held" allows to flop seamlessly from the forearm to the knuckles for a face full of shield. It is made of enchanted steel, and is fairly light. It is 18 inches wide at the top, and is 20 inches long.

Kronos Lohingrin Legend10


Name: Sky Shield
Type: Defensive
Damage Category: Weak x2
Description: Within 25 yards of himself, he make a green energy shield form that is 4 feet wide by 6 feet long, in the same shape as Cardinal Shield. He can make two of these shields in a single posts, but requires the same number of power points as using one, and incurs double the cooldown. These can even appear in the middle of air, for platforms, or "thrown" for weak blunt force damage.
Duration/Cooldown: 1 post cooldown, 3 if two is used.

Name: Prison Shield (N/A)
Type: Defense
Damage Category: Average
Description: Several shields with chains surround himself or his target to defend them from surrounding attacks or potentially trap them in (preferably with a bomb or small but strong monster). Targets not him must be within 20 yards of the user. Inside is only six feet in diameter, so if someone is larger than that, it won't work completely. Inside is as strong as outside, though all it takes is a small chip, and then it's super easy to get out of.
Duration/Cooldown: Can last up to two posts, 4 posts cd.

Name: Cardinal Defense (N/A)
Type: Defensive
Damage Category: Strong to Very Strong
Description: A magic field extends out, increasing defensive coverage up to two and a half feet from the sides of the shield, and three and a half on top and bottom of the shield, along with a thin energy layer on the shield itself. Initially Strong, it can be adjusted to be stronger, but with more power point usage, and a longer cooldown. It blocks attacks wherever the face of the shield is facing.
Duration/Cooldown: 5-6 post cooldown.
Secondary Equipment
Name: Crimson Nodachi
Type: A large and semi-heavy weapon.
Description: A collapsible long, curved sword, he can adjust the blade length from 2 feet to it's full length of 6 feet. The hilt itself is a foot and a half, making it look slightly weird. The hilt is red, but the blade itself is a very dark grey, though is made of divinium. It is also double edged.

Kronos Lohingrin 5c259010

Dragon Element

Element: Fire

Name: Dragon Breath
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Average
Description: The Asentari can breath out a powerful blast of their element. Generally speaking, the stronger the Asentari, the more devastating the attack, but this is their most powerful racial ability.
Cooldown: 3 post cooldown.

Name: Explosion
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Very Weak
Description: From his hands, a weak explosion of fire erupts, causing minor burns and very weak damage.
Cooldown: 1 post cd if 10 is used.

Base Form Customs

Name: Flash Bang
Type: Support
Damage Category: N/A
Description: From anywhere on his body, he can ignite a very bright flash and a loud boom to blur vision and disorient, even ruin someone's hearing, for a single post. He's affected by the flash, but not so much the boom.
Cooldown: 3 post cooldown.

Name: Heat Vision
Type: Support
Damage Category: N/A
Description: His eyes glow and his vision turns into infrared vision, allowing him to see body heat. His vision range in this mode is 75 yards. Bright lights tend to blind him in this vision mode. Lightning storms are his worst enemy when he's using this.
Cooldown: N/A

Name: Gluttony
Type: Support
Damage Category: N/A
Description: An odd magical storage ability, he doesn't use it often. He positions what he's going to store to his mouth, and "eats" it (a rune appears and absorbs what he's storing). He does taste it unfortunately, both when putting stuff in and taking out of it. He can store 2 large weapons/shields and 2 small weapons. Typically, he keeps money in there, but has stored his weapons in there a time or two.
Cooldown: N/A but does require a power point to use (either putting something in or taking something out, doing both uses 2).

Draconic Seal Lvl 1

Seal appearance: The red serpentine dragon eating a black star on the back of his right hand is the seal.

Transformation method: He bites his hand.
New appearance: Small, four inch spikes erupt from his back, as well as a long, seven foot long tail with a bulb on the end with thin, nine inch spikes on it. His arms grow thicker and more muscular, as well increase in length to four feet from shoulder to claw tip, which his nails grow into. He does gain six inches in height. His skin tone darkens dramatically to a very dark tan/light brown. The rest of his body increases size appropriately. Black fang like markings appear on his cheeks as well.

Dragon Element Custom

Name: Nova
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Strong
Description: Kronos gathers flames into a ball the size of a basketball, and fires it. It has a range of 35 yards and has a tendency of setting things on fire.
Cooldown: 4 post cooldown.

Draconic Seal Lvl 1 Abilities

Name: Stone Wall
Type: Defensive
Damage Category: Average
Description: He creates a seven feet by seven feet wall of stone in front of him.
Cooldown: 3

Name: Molten Bomb
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Average
Description: A boulder that is 5 feet in diameter is thrown, then explodes in flames and rock shrapnel. Has an area of effect of 30 feet. It usually detonates at 50 yards, but can be detonated sooner.
Cooldown: 3 post cd

Name: Molten Sword
Type: Support
Damage Category: N/A
Description: A stone sword in the shape of a cutlass or katana is formed, the edge glowing red hot. It has a tendency to cauterize wounds it makes, but is also extremely painful.
Cooldown: 2 post cooldown. 2 post duration.

Boosts: Strength, speed, agility, and magic power are boosted +1

Draconic Seal Lvl 2

Seal appearance: On his chest is red star, and coiling around his body is a black serpentine dragon trying to eat it.

Transformation method: He has to stab himself in the chest.

New appearance: He grows in height another four feet, his legs bending and twisting into similar shape as a wyvern's legs. His arms grow another five feet, maintaining an almost gorilla like look. His tail maintains the same length, though the spikes on the end are eight inches longer. The spikes on his back likewise grows a full foot longer. His ribs are much more pronounced, and the claws on his hands grow to be a foot in length on their own. He also grows curved, black horns on the top of his head, like a cartoony devil. His toenails also become claws that are a foot in length.

Dragon Element Custom

Name: Fire Slash
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Weak
Description: From a swipe of his tail or arms, he unleashes a thin, crescent shaped slash of flames that is somewhat fast. It has a limited range of 10 yards, but it covers that range quickly.
Cooldown: 1 post CD

Draconic Seal Lvl 2 Abilities

Name: Stone's Wrath
Element: Earth
Description: He must be touching the ground when using this.

The user is skilled in the manipulation of a chosen element. They can manipulate their element in several ways. They can create walls, shoot projectiles and in general use the ability to attack or defend. They can create spikes or pillars, the maximum being 10ft long and 1ft wide, or create walls of their element 5 x 5 ft wide and tall. They can launch small, medium or large projectiles, which travel up to 100ft, 50ft or 25ft respectively, and deal more physical damage for their size.

Effect: Solid

Name: Fire Storm
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Very weak x10
Description: Ten basketball sized fire balls are fired upwards, then drop on the field randomly, exploding in a small area of 5 feet per fire ball.
Cooldown: 2 post cd

Name: Flame Tornado
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Very Strong
Description: He whips up a small, 10 foot diameter, 100 yard tall, tornado of flames. It's slow moving, but packs a punch, setting almost anything on fire. (Metal and stone excluded, and other fire resistant objects.). It travels in a straight line for 30 yards.
Cooldown: 5 post CD

New Boosts: Magic power +2, Strength +2, Agility +2, Speed +2


History: My story begins in Lower Edia. The son of an Asentari woman and a human man. And only child, despite my parents' attempts to get me siblings. Nonetheless, my father was a farmer, though only because he ran away from his parents in Upper Edia. Having met my grandfather once for my twelfth birthday, I can understand why he left the cranky old bastard. My lovely mother assisted my father, and made sure all the hands at the farm got their due. We were one of the stricter farmers, but we also paid well, and our yields were among the better ones. We were never rich, or well off, but we also didn't want for anything.

Perhaps that's why I felt it was so dreadfully boring. No siblings, no one to play with, no one to mess around with. I started with little pranks, like hiding a harmless, if overgrown, garden spider on top of the tool chest. That scared the crap out of most of the farm hands, until father smashed it. I started doing little thinks like that, just to annoy and mess with people. Never on my parents though...I feared if I did that, I'd be really into some deep shit. Some of those scoldings were no joke, but on the younger farm hands, those in their teens, I'd seen them spank. And leave welts on their asses. A few even reciprocated the good fun. Long as it never affected their work or resulted in injury, it was fine. Even in school it was mostly ok.

Only once in a while did we see a patrol go by. Usually to the more outlying areas. Bandit control. We were always plagued by them. Same with pirates. Luckily, I never had to deal with them. Or the town in general. We were far too close to the portal that led to Upper Edia. A two day carriage ride to the fort was all it took. I kind of longed for something more exciting to happen, or be further out where all the excitement tended to happen.

At eleven, I started to swing a stick about, trying to learn a little bit how to fight. Some of the other kids mocked me. I don't take that lying down. That was when I started getting into some trouble. In a way. My dad started teaching me how to fight. A straight edge never worked out for me, and bows and arrows weren't good. I sucked. I'll perfectly admit that. I did do a bit better with a different kind of wooden sword. A curved bladed one. Figures I'd like a more exotic sword.

I got a little bit better when I met that cranky old bastard and his cow. Who looked considerably older than he did, but I guess she was human. Just like my old man. I guess it was rare for such to happen, an Asentari parent and a human parent giving birth to a human. I didn't know what they were arguing about, but I saw a blood red cutlass and a large oval shield. For as mean as my grandfather was, he handed down both weapons to me for some odd reason, even leaving a bodyguard to help train me. I still don't understand why. But I practiced with them, with the style. The guard and my father got along great though, and it was far less boring.

Once it was time for the academy trials, I went after the best there was. My parents and the guard wished me luck, and I went at it. And I kicked ass in the entrance exams. I was able to snag a dorm. An easy feat for being in the top twenty. I wasn't the only high profile applicant though...most of those that apply were usually from Upper Edia, so being from Lower really got me noticed. My mischief didn't stop of course. And it didn't take long for me to notice someone else. A blond that was just slightly taller than I was. Kind of an odd cross of cute and handsome, he definitely had a certain flair. And he was strong. Rex von Broven quickly became my rival.

He was too much of a goody-two shoes. Never strayed much from the rules if at all. He didn't like my mischief and antagonizing ways. Yet we've worked together just as often as against each other. When one won a match or outscored on a test, the other evened the score. Sometimes it was him, sometimes it was me. We respect each other, and got to know about each other in a roundabout way. Luckily I was able to get him drunk once. At a party orchestrated by me. One of the few times he strayed from the rules. I got a little hammered myself...and was a fun night for the two of us, though we will never speak of it to each other again.

Both of us graduated early. Since we were just that awesome. I expected to get into the Oculi Draconis, our elite special forces. And the highest honor anyone can get. Rexy got in, but I didn't. That threw me in for a loop. I was, and perhaps still is, a bit bitter about that. I got sent to the military. Shortly after my first patrol, however, we found out some humans from past the Vultani Jungle had come...and took our generosity and warm welcome for weakness. Fury burned inside of me, as it did in a lot of others. There were some calling for cooler heads, but we were by far the majority. They had to pay.

For better or worse, I got selected to be part of the force sent out to find the bastards. Only I got stuck in the rear, much to my own chagrin. Did they think that low of me? At least show me up or explain it to me! Anyways, we went through a few cities and towns, even one called Eldaria. After that, a scouting party found a large force from the north. I hoped it was them. It wasn't, but they were determined to make things difficult for us.

We were spineless. I honestly thought we could turn the tide, and turn that stalemate around. Especially with the Primoris Rex around. Towards the end, it had looked like things would turn around. Poor Darius Merciallus was in bad shape, as was the few surviving members of his troop. But they got one of their higher ups. A Mondolin Knight, they called her. But she was a tough opponent...Darius was one of the favorites of the Legatus for a reason. Even I saw that.

People from Eldaria and another faction interfered with the war, though. They found our missing people and the  scumbag that took them. Oh how I would love to see them executed for their crimes! Only that didn't happen. We gave our opponents them! Are we really that spineless? To give our opponents men that have wronged us just to appease them? That was dumb! Either way, we went back. While there was some celebration that we got our people back, others were criticizing our governing body. So much so that it apparently shook them. Those old fools were needing a good kick in the pants for a long time. But I felt disgusted.

I decided to leave. I would not be a puppet to cowards! Out on patrol, I killed six of my fellow soldiers, and left. Even killed the Kelari I rode. I would not be tracked so easily. I'm sure I pissed off a lot of people, especially Rexy, but I could have cared less then.

I traveled the Freelands as a mercenary. Working for competent clients and idiots alike. And generally enjoying myself as well. But I got cocky on a mission. I killed the group's pets, but I was hurting. Being outnumbered didn't bother me. Being outnumbered so severely and being heavily injured, to the point of throwing up and growing cold...that shook me to my core. I thought I was going to die. Just before I passed out, I saw someone else had entered the fray. A few people had.

When I awoke, a woman with a one armed man stood beside me. They were the ones to save my life. The Dying Suns they called themselves. Thassa seemed impressed that I killed that many wolves and other creatures on my own, and was ready to take on the rest of them despite being so close to death. I told I owed her my life. And would pay off that debt. I never liked owing someone. But damn it, for as little honor as I may have, I still have some! She took me in, and I excelled. I met her expectations and more.

I also liked working with Thadjorn. He was an honorable man...perhaps too honorable as I found out later. I rose through the ranks quickly and gathered my own following. I trained them to be better, stronger than the rest. My Crimson Guard. In the end though, they still weren't good enough to survive the onslaught from a bunch of elites. I had heard of Vala and Fayla from them...they were perpetual thorns in their side.

What I didn't expect was to find Rexy with them after pursuing someone or group who had taken down one of our outlying camps. He looked good, and ready for a fight. Four members of my guard went with me, one going down. I was mad as hell. And it was time to go at that point. I sounded the retreat and gave the signal. I reported in, and we prepared for their coming. And again I was caught off guard. Caught oh so terribly off guard.

I didn't agree with Thaddy's decision to let them go or tell them. But perhaps he had a point. I hope he went south, and gone quiet. He deserved the quiet life. I went straight toward Yoniva. Just hoping to beat them to Thassa. Those Fenroc wrecked havoc. And thinned our numbers. I never would have expected them to bait a couple of alpha predators towards us. It was risky, and it paid off. I got there in time after a brief detour that I didn't like at all, but even I had to admit that the Thassa that saved me was not the same one before me. I resisted the urge to call her out on her bullshit about Thaddy. And again prepared. Only find more elites. Instead of the small army of mercs I'd expected from rich boy Rexy.

I fought Kiari Thorne. And lost. If she had kept her weapon a sword, who knows how it might have gone, but I accepted defeat. Then they all went inside to help the Heanta and Eldari finish things. As I waited, I asked Seig why he left. He had abandoned us long before I did. But it was taking them too long at this point. I checked it out. Uninvited guests! How annoying. Client or no, this was bullshit. Thankfully my interference turned the tide and ended things. Vala allowed Thassa to live. I served my debt, and left her be. She was going to die soon anyways. Those Heanta didn't come for nothing. They'd have her head. I never searched for her afterwards. Just listened to my fate.

I appreciated the mercy. But one day, she just might regret that since I was heading towards the Knights of the Red Dawn. After getting hammered (defeated in a drinking contest by Darius's Aunt!), I looted what I could and left.

I came across an ancient temple and explored it. Who knew these things still existed? Hopefully not looted too. I soon found it was guarded though, by stone golems. Powerful ones too. Sadly, I ended up destroying Dragon's Den, my trusty shield that my grandfather gave me, as well as Carnation, the cutlass. Luckily for me, the place's loot was a new shield. An enchanted one, but only one was unlocked to me. It was unique, and interesting. And I will adapt. I ventured towards the place where the best blacksmiths gathered. I had an idea for a new sword...inspiration from my rival.

It took about a two months. Between travel time, healing from those damn golems, getting the right materials, and the actual forging process, I got my Nodachi. The full length would be getting some used to though. But it felt good in my hands.

I skirted the edges of Mondolin territory before running into a group of slavers. A large group. I never liked slavers. I doubt any Asentari does. They're a vile breed. Even in my eyes. And they had a new prize. Poor girl...

What the hell was I doing?! I was really taking a dive down a waterfall with that slave girl! And that bastard had already sliced me open...but I got him back too, but he wasn't dead...that sword of his was some good shit to cut my skin. I just hoped we don't get caught...
Side notes:  Embarassed
Rp example: study

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Approved at A-4 for now unless Orgoth thinks A-5 is more fitting.

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Approved A-5.

Welcome to duty, Commander.

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